Top 5 Communion Wines Near Campus

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Top 5 Communion Wines Near Campus


While in college it is not uncommon to want to learn more about your faith and perhaps do some exploration in other religions. If you are set on a Christian denomination and like to enjoy the Lord’s Supper at 8:30 in the morning, then this list is for you. We’ve decided to save you some time, by going around and sampling all the communion wines in churches located near campus.




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St. Thomas Aquinas:

The wine at St. Thomas Aquaman is served in a chalice and consumed communally. While this display is visually appealing, it could be a turn off for germaphobes. Visually appearing to be a rich red wine with a strong earthy scent. Post consumption had a strong iron taste and was thicker than prior expected. Served with a side of flesh.





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Memorial Lutheran Church:

Served in small plastic cups, and preferably consumed kneeling. Sweet taste with a light bitter after taste. A refreshing sip of alcohol for coping with an ever so light Sunday hangover. Served with a round wafer. This is real wine, but apparently, it’s in “poor taste” to get back in line for seconds to see if you can work up a buzz.





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St. John Episcopal Church:

Closed communion, but that didn’t stop us from getting a member to sample. Served either kneeling or standing you can enjoy this crisp tasty red wine directly from a chalice. However, if you’re feeling adventurous you can go at this oreo and milk style by dipping your wafer into wine. Lost of options here, making St. John the Burger King of churches, because you can “have it your way”.




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Collegiate Methodist United Methodist Church:

Open communion, like a bar that doesn’t ID. They are definitely catering to minors here, with the bold choice of just serving grape juice. It’s like going to a party with a bottle full of just coke and trying to pass off as spiked. Juice served with dipped bread, once a month. Good presentation.





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Collegiate Presbyterian Church:

Full bread and a full chalice can be found at the Ames Collegiate Prespititan Church. While after a tasing (Or two) we were unable to tell whether or not it was wine, blood, or grape juice. While I am sure we could easily find the answer to this question with just a few minutes of research, we will not. This is college journalism. Overall, it’s a sweeter beverage with a good body to it.