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Investigation Under Way For 50,000 Missing Kansas Football Fans

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During last Saturday’s game against Kanas Univistery, many people noticed the lack of fans at Kansas’ David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium. Authorities in Lawerance have been reported and began an investigation. How did such a large number of Kansas fans disappear? Nobody can be for sure how this mass KU fan-napping. While Kansas Univistery begins to mourn its missing fan base, many ISU fans send support as it wasn’t that long ago that ISU had similarly mysterious lost all of its fans in 2016 when the team went 3 and 9 on the season. Said KU’s “not so hot cop”, “We just don’t know how someone could do such a thing! I swear we had those fans here just a few weeks ago”. When asked about any leads the Kansas police had no comment. Some critics point to Iowa State University’s head coach Matt Campbell as a potentially guilty party. The few remaining KU fans claimed that “He [Matt Campbell], sure did have a large bus with him”. Many Defenders of Matt Campbell have struck back saying it would be, “physically impossible”, to fit that many KU fans on a charter bus. Sity Sauce’s resident mathematicians struggle to calculate the numbers correctly, so we, unfortunately, can’t rule out that potential possibility.

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Investigation Under Way For 50,000 Missing Kansas Football Fans