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Blue Owl Bar to Start Accepting Dining Dollars

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As of last weekend, students with an Iowa State ID may opt to use their Dining Dollars when purchasing drinks at the Blue Owl Bar. “Honestly, Panda Express inspired us,” states Co-Owner Michael Robots. “There are so many students on campus who don’t have cash on them at all times, so we have opened up our payment options to let them buy pints of beer instead of their usual dining hall options.” With lines out the door, Trivia Nights have been bustling with young drinkers with month long tabs running. “I never actually used [Dining Dollars], and would just use the meals. I’ve gotten like $300 of this stuff that would mostly go to waste,” commented Ryan Blakefield, a “21 year old,” on campus at 5 pm. The proponents of the change are far and wide, but there are those who express concern. “I left my ID back at the bar and I couldn’t get back into my building – where, I, a 23-year-old grad student, live,” complained one student. Iowa State Funded convenient stores have noticed a sharp decline in customers willing to buy overpriced gallons of milk and Doritos. “No one seems to have Dining Dollars anymore and I can’t figure out why. I thought all these freshmen and sophomores relied on this stuff. Maybe we need more bags of charcoal and $14 beef jerky.” theorized a worker. All in all, this could be the start of a new era of bar crawling, and we wish the bartenders working for Michael Robots and Jason Crimson the best of luck.

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Blue Owl Bar to Start Accepting Dining Dollars