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Student Government Places Temporary Ban on Icing Members

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In an attempt to return to regular business, members of Student Government passed a ban on icing students during meetings. The popular drinking game was apparently slowing down the legislative process when almost every five minutes a student would stand up and place a Smirnoff Ice either under one of the meeting tables or behind a pile of documents and when the victim would notice they would be required to drink the entire bottle while the whole room chanted with them. Discussions on the budget became difficult when Cath Senter, Student Government Financial Director, began to slur his speech and fell asleep while Senators made suggestions for increases or decreases to different organizations’ funding. Student Government Senator Brad Mentior stated “I mean it was pretty sick while it lasted but I was planning on going out to the bars last night and the vice president kept talking about how his dad never really loved him instead of moving to end the meeting. He got there eventually though. Most of the execs didn’t even know where they were.” 

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Student Government Places Temporary Ban on Icing Members