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Campbell On Purdy, “Just wait till he hits puberty”

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After last Saturday’s game against Oklahoma State University, Iowa State put in the ever adorable true freshman quarterback, Brock Purdy. Iowa State started fully mature Zeb Noland as quarterback against OSU, only for Campbell to sneakily reveal his secret weapon. That weapon? A surprisingly youthful running quarterback. In a post-game interview Campbell detailed the genius plan he had for the season, “At this point, I just expect my starting quarterback to be out” further elaborating, “I did the whole third string QB trick last year, so this year I mixed it up”. By padding the roster with two pocket quarterbacks, he knew OSU’s defense wouldn’t be ready for a mobile threat like Brock “babyface” Purdy. All of cyclONEnation was impressed by his 402 total yards and 5 touchdowns. When asked about Purdy’s performance, Campbell said “You think he’s good now? Just wait till he hits puberty” Campbell further emphasized. “He may be a cute loveable clean shaven ladies man now, but once his voice lowers I promise he’ll be very cool”. While it’s undeniable that Purdy will someday mature into a bright young man, many Cyclone fans are just hoping he can keep the momentum rolling into next week’s game against West Virginia University.

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Campbell On Purdy, “Just wait till he hits puberty”